Meet our girls...

Fury is our 'Keeper' girl from Coco's firs litter, Had no intention of keeping
a girl but sometimes  these things are decided for you!

Our plan was to take Fury to a few shows this year however with Covid-19 the world had other plans!

Fury catio.jpg

Naughtypaw Athena

Brown Classic Tabby MCO n22
Born 22nd August 2019
Sire Purdyston Montgomery
Dam Coco Chanel Melluandia*PL

Pearl 002.jpeg
Pearl 001.jpeg
Pearl and Fury.jpg
Pearl 9 months.jpeg

Melisani Pearl Pureheart

Fawn Abyssinian ABY p
Born 5th April 2019 
Sire Grand Champion Abychat Akind Ofmagic
Dam AbyDreames Pacha 

Pearl is Great, Great Granddaughter to our eldest Abyssinian Baillee, so it's nice to see our lines in her pedigree

Pearl is from lines tested clear of PKDef and PRA


Naughtypaw Flamenco

Ruby scratch post.jpg
Ruby head shot.jpg

Sorrel Abyssinian ABY a
Born 8th January 2021 
Sire Grand Champion Acuparia's Julius
Dam Melisani Pearl Pureheart 


Ruby is from Pearls first litter,

There was no doubt this girl was staying right from the start.

Ruby is tested clear of PK Def and PRA

Meet Our Neuters

Ch & Pr Naughtypaw Anastasia

Usual Aby n
Born 6th December 2010

Sire Grand Champion Nishalka Khepri
Dam Champion Merrydancer Baillee
Now neutered and continuing to win judges hearts at local shows

Anni and Coco.jpg

Champion Merrydancer Baillee

Sorrel Aby o
Born 5th July 2007
Sire Gr Ch KoperKat Drake Ramoray
Dam Highlight Jazmyne
Now neutered and enjoying retirements.

Coco Chanel Melluandia*PL

Brown Classic Tabby MCO n22
Born 8th March 2018
Sire Vivaldi Melluandia*PL
Dam Xperia Melluandia*PL

Coco 002.jpg
Coco 001.jpg

We imported Coco from Poland in 2018 to be out Foundation Maine Coon queen.

Unfortunately Coco got pyometra in April and had to be neutered. She's still the Queen in this house - I think she always will be!!