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Meet our girls...

Fury is Coco's daughter and Mum to our Maine Coon B and C litters, she is an absolute cuddle bug and always has something to say for herself!

Fury catio.jpg

Naughtypaw Athena

Brown Classic Tabby MCO n22
Born 22nd August 2019
Sire Purdyston Montgomery
Dam Coco Chanel Melluandia*PL


Robusto Effervescent

Tortie & White Bicolour MCO f 03
Born 24th February 2022
Sire Henessy of Cadazz
Dam Robusto Jinzu

Bowie was bred by our lovely friend Juliet of Robusto Maine Coons in Lincolnshire. We plan on mating her to Archer early spring next year.

Bowie 04.jpg
Bowie 06.jpg
Bowie 01.jpg

Where does the name come from?

Fury - one of the four horsemen in the Xbox game Darksiders;

Darksiders - Fury.jpg

Bowie - David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

Bowie - Ziggy STardust.webp

Dinah - My Great-great Grandma was called Mary Jane Patricia Guinevere, but everyone called her Dinah!

the real Dinah.jpg

Cinza - wore the Grey callar so was Miss Grey - Cinza is Portuguese for Grey

Flag for cinza.jpg

Naughtypaw Cinnamon Swirl

Brown Classic Tabby MCO n22
Born 25th May 2022
Sire Oceanaria Cannareos
Dam Naughtypaw Athena

Dinah is Fury's daughter but the absolute double of Coco, she even does the little curled lip when she's upto mischief like Coco does.

I'm sure we'll have lots of fun with this little monster!

Dinah 02.jpg

We really thought we were going to lose this girlie when she was around 6 weeks old - feeds every 2 hours and very little sleep. There was no way she was ever going to be leaving us after that. I'll hopefully show her as a neuter. Watch this space. 

Dinah 03.jpg

Naughtypaw Coconut Cream

Silver & White Bicolour Classix MCO ns 03 22
Born 25th May 2022
Sire Oceanaria Cannareos
Dam Naughtypaw Athena

Cinza 03.jpg
Cinza 02.jpg
Dinah 01.jpg
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