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Meet our boys...

Where does the name come from?

Montgomery Melluandia*PL

Amber eyed Red Tabby Harlequin  MCO d 02 21 62
Born 28th August 2021
Sire Urquel King Velvet Ducie
Dam Babooshka Fluffy Coons

Archer has joined us from Ewa at Melluandia Maine Coons in Poland (The same breeder who bred Coco) to be our future stud.


Archer 001.jpg
Archer 002.jpg

Archer - Captain Archer from the TV show Enterprise

Captain Archer.jpg

Naughtypaw Apophis

Born 22nd August 2019
Sire Purrdiston Montgomery
Dam Coco Chanel Melluandia*PL


Dust 001.jpg
Dust 002.jpg

Dust - Death's crow in the Xbox game Darksiders

Darksiders - Dust.webp

Dust is Fury's brother who we kept as a neuter, he is a big soft teddybear and always has a worried expression.


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