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Kitten News

Our aim is to breed for health and temperament, all our breeding cats are DNA tested and clear of breed specific genetic traits.

We raise our kittens in our busy home where they get used to the sights and sounds of daily life - you won't find a Naughtypaw kitten that's afraid of the hoover - they're more likely to chase you wanting to play instead.


Our Kittens leave us around 14-16 weeks old, they will be registered with the GCCF on the non active register, they will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and fully socialised.

You will receive a kitten pack when you collect your kitten which will contain:
* Registration documents
* 5 generation pedigree
* Vaccination Certificate
* Microchip documents
* A kitten handbook which is a guide to welcoming your new kitten into their new home
* A selection of foods which we have been feeding them here
* A selection of toys and treats.

You will also have lifetime friendship and support from us here at Naughtypaw. You're part of the family once your kitten comes home to you! We love getting updates from new owners and we'll often add photos of how our kittens are getting on in their new homes to our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We actively encourage our new owners to show their kittens and will help you through the whole process from which classes to enter to what products you'll need to purchase and arranging a buddy for the show day if we are not able to attend ourselves.

Kitten availability and future plans

Any updates, pregnancy notifications and litter arrivals will be on our socials first.
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Previous Naughtypaw Litters

For photos and updates on our previous litters, please click the button below

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