Our Catio

We moved to our new home in August 2020 and our first challenge was to get a catio built, it was built and fitted by Chris and his team from Animal Housing Direct (Link on our Links page).

It is approximately 23' x 27' in an L shape over the deck and around the conservatory with access either from our patio doors in the living room or the French doors in the conservatory. It is honestly the best thing we have ever done for the cats and they absolutely love it.

Wayne built shelves and ramps for them to climb and play on  and added the lighting around the top, we will add more enrichment for them this summer - when we finally don't have rain!!

If you'd like any advice on getting a catio built or having your garden enclosed so it is safe for your cats please do not hesitate to get in touch. I've added some of the construction photos below as well as some of the cats enjoying their time out there.