Welcome to the Homepage of Naughtypaw Cats

We are Gina and Wayne Kent and we are hobby breeders of Abyssinian and Maine Coon cats based in Tyldesley, Manchester.

Gina fell in love with the Abyssinian breed whilst travelling in Tokyo in 2007 and got her first girl Baillee when she returned to the UK. Baillee is now retired and living her best life being 'Nanna' to our kittens - she lets them get away with murder. 

Our prefix, Naughtypaw was registered with the GCCF in 2007 and our first litter of Abyssinians was born in 2010. We got our first Maine Coon neuter in 2012 and absolutely fell for the breed so much so we decided to expand our breeding program and we imported Coco from Poland in 2018. We welcomed out first litter of Maine Coons in 2019 however our breeding plans got put on hold slightly after that due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


We moved to our forever home in August last year and now have so much more space for our cats and to expand our breeding program. The first thing we did when we moved was have a huge catio built - have a look at our photos on the catio page.

We currently have one active Maine Coon girl, Fury and two active Abyssinian girls Pearl and Ruby. At the end of December we also welcomed Archer from Poland to be our future Maine Coon stud.


Coco 001


Coco Chanel Melluandia*PL

Pearl 9 months.jpeg


Melisani Pearl Pureheart

Fury 5 months.jpg


Naughtypaw Athena

Dust 001.jpg


Naughtypaw Apophis

Archer 002.jpg


Naughtypaw Flamenco


Montgomery Melluandia*PL